About the Maker:


Hello there!  My name is Bean.. I am the sole founder and employee of MothSicleSuits!
I have been making fursuits for many years now and it has become a hobby I have really enjoyed! It has had its ups and downs, but now that I am where I am today I know it is something I love doing and hope to do for many years to come. Though this is not my full time job (I am currently an English Educator) I will still treat it just as professionally.

I started off rough, as most artists do, but with practice comes perfection! Though I am not perfect I would love it if you would stick around and support me as I get closer and closer to it. Improvement is a never ending cycle and having friends and a fandom as support through that experience is what keeps any maker going.

So please, stick around! Id love it if you would watch me grow as an artist and fursuit maker, one character at a time.


About MothSicleSuits:


MothSicleSuits is a fursuit making business that has been established since 2014. We take pride in making suits that are unique, unusual, and downright adorable! Working with species or designs that aren't typically done is our specialty. Some favorites we have done are:Snakes, spiders, dinosaurs, and monsters. To see these suits and everyone else in the MSS family check out the "Gallery" tab above!


We do not open for commissions as often as other makers, we want to ensure those on our queue get enough time to ensure no parts are rushed. Because of this commission slots open up about once a year and we only take on a handful of commissions when they do open. Don't leave just yet though! This does not mean you cant get a suit from us! We also make pre-made suits to put up for adoption and will frequently open for small part commissions for those who need the final pieces to complete their own creations.


                                  If you are interested in getting a suit from us please make sure to read the "TOS/FAQ" tab above! It is a contract all customers must agree to before the commission is accepted.

                           Please do not send us an email requesting for a quote unless our front page says our commissions are open!


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