Terms of Service and Frequently Asked Questions

                                                        MUST READ AND AGREE BEFORE SENDING IN A QUOTE!!




Customer Requirements:

-The customer must be at least 18 years old or older in order to commission. You will have to provide a valid photo ID that gives me your legal name and birth year when you send a quote. We will NOT work with minors.

-The customer is responsible for the shipping and handling fees that are present when shipping off a costume.


-The customer must provide concept art that is clear and safe for work.

-The customer must have a form of communication that can be accessed at any time (email, Telegram, ect). I give picture and/or text updates frequently once a slot has been started so this is crucial!!

NOTE: MSS does have a customer exclusive Telegram chat where WIP photos and updates are frequently discussed.

-If ordering a partial the customer must send a tracing of their hands and also a pair of close toed tennis shoes when building the feet (unless the buyer is ordering sockpaws).

-If ordering a fullsuit a ducktape dummy is required! We will not make fullsuits based off of measurements.




Payments are preferred to be done through the MSS Paypal link or through Squareup invoices, this makes it easy and quick for the buyer and the maker and helps both keep track of payments. Costumes can be paid in full or in payment plans. Payment plans can be discussed after the order is accepted. The maker accepts weekly, monthly , and twice monthly payment plans.

Note: With any payment plan the first payment must be at least 30% of the commission's total price! This 30% down payment is NON REFUNDABLE! This applies to customers who pay in full as well.

You can make your first payment more than 30% of the commissions price if you'd like but only the calculated 30% is non refundable. This amount will be documented and given to the buyer so they are aware of what it is before they send the first payment.

More information about how refunds work is below.




Shipping is done using USPS, if the customer prefers another shipping method then please say so! All packages come with tracking numbers. Insurance is also an option but will have an extra charge; it is highly recommended that buyers choose to get shipping insurance. If they do not and the shipping company loses or damages the package a refund will not be available.

Costumes are usually shipped within one week of the shipping fee being paid. The shipping fee is always paid once the costume is finished in order to make the shipping calculation as accurate as possible.

If a commissioner does not send the shipping payment or loses contact with the maker a month after completion the suit may be subject to being edited and sold via. auction without a refund.


Refunds are available but only to a certain degree. The 30% down payment that is made in the beginning of the payment process is always NON REFUNDABLE. This amount is to hold your slot and to begin paying for the suit's supplies.

Once the first payment is made a full refund will not be available. Refunds are set up accordingly:

-Payments made but no work has been started: You will be refunded everything except the 30% down payment

-Suit 25% done: 40% refund
-Suit 49% done: 20% refund

-75% complete: no refund
-100% complete: no refund

Please make sure you are financially stable and prepared to invest when commissioning any maker, once a suit is 50% done a refund is not available.  Updates are extremely frequent when commissioning MSS so if your not liking how a suit is coming along please be vocal with us we are happy to work with you!

Customer Warranty/ Repairs:

Warranty for partial, head, or fullsuit commissions:

All customers have a  1 month warranty for repairs. After the 1 month period is over MSS is still willing to take in suits for repairs but there may be a custom fee depending on what needs to be done.

If the suit has been altered by the buyer or another maker then the warranty does not apply.

Warranty for small part commissions:

Small part commissions have a warranty of 2 weeks. After the 2 week period is over MSS is still willing to take in parts for repairs but there may be a custom fee depending on what needs to be done.

If the suit has been altered by the buyer or another maker then the warranty does not apply.

Customer Service and Customer Expectations:

Here at MothSicleSuits customer service is a top priority!! Updates are frequent and we always reply in a timely manner. We treat our customers with respect and expect the same from our buyers. When going through the commissioning process please try to keep in contact and reply with decent timing. Communication is one of the most important things to help your suit look how you want it to. Please treat the maker as you would any professional; please refrain from any sort or harassment or rude behavior. The excessive use of curse words, flirtatious language, and other disrespectful behaviors are not tolerated.


Keeping in contact with the maker is one of the most important expectations a customer has. If a buyer ceases contact then the commission may be subject to alterations and to be sold via. auction without a refund. If you find yourself in a situation where internet is unavailable then public libraries are available if you need to contact me to alert me of your situation or if you will need any kind of refund.

It is also important to make sure you stick to your payment plan. If a customer must skip a payment then the next payment that is due might be eligible for a 20% increase as a fee for missing the previous payment. Fursuit making is a job and these payments are paychecks, please alert your maker as soon as possible if you must delay a payment.

The Commissioning Process:

So, your quote has been accepted with MothSicleSuits.. how exciting! Here is how the process will go.

-Your quote will be looked over and approved; this includes verifying all the information on the quote form and the maker getting all fabric types and colors accepted by the buyer.

-The payment plan and method of payment will be accepted.

-The first payment is made and supplies are ordered, once supplies have arrived the buyer is notified.


-You will be added to the queue using Trello, which will be linked to the customer and will be publically available. You will also be added to the MSS Telegram chat if a Telegram account is provided.

-The suit will be started; the maker will update the buyer as the suit is being worked on. Updates will continue and each WIP picture will be customer approved before the maker continues the costume to ensure the suit is getting made how the buyer wants it to.

-All payments have been made and the suit is done. The maker will calculate the shipping fee and the buyer sends it to them.

-Once the maker has the shipping fee the suit will be safely boxed up and sent, the buyer will get a tracking number and insurance verification if applicable.

-Once the buyer verifies that they have received the fursuit the 1 month warranty begins. All commissioning processes are completed at this point! If the buyer wants to contact the maker at any point during their ownership of the suit for questions or concerns they are always welcomed with open arms.





  • Why do you not work with minors? What if I have parental consent?
    It is for legal reasons. We do understand that some minors can be responsible, but legal issues must be avoided. With a recent history of credit cards being stolen from parents to buy suits and parents not working with these suit makers to fix the problems their children have caused, it is no longer safe to do business transactions with minors.


  • Do you make realistic fursuits?
    I do not make realistic suits! All of my suits are toony styled with static jaws and flat eyes.


  • Will you take a rush order suit?
    I will not rush any fursuit I make, it is an art and if it is rushed most likely you will not like the result!


  • Will you work with deadlines?
    I don’t prefer to, but if the deadline is reasonable for the kind of suit your needing I can always keep a date in mind! There is no guarantee I can meet your deadline if there are complications though.


  • How long does it take you to make a suit?
    This always depends on what your commissioning. Just a head can take as little as one month to make if it’s a simple design. Partials or complex designs can take longer. Completion time is also effected by when a buyer pays off the suit’s cost and how long fabric takes to ship to me.


  • Where are you shipping from? Will you ship outside of the USA?
    I ship from Georgia! I will ship internationally but note that shipping outside of the USA will cost more.


  • What kinds of species will you make?
    I will make anything! One of the unique things about MothSicleSuits is that we actually prefer making characters that aren’t your typical canine or feline. Though we will make these, we just take more joy and pride in making rarer species in our suits. A list of rarer species we have made include: Dinosaurs, Jumping Spiders, Snakes, Bats, Moths, Monsters.. the list goes on and on! But we are still willing to add canines and felines to the MSS family!!


  • Will you make my suit look like _____’s character or in ______’s style?
    NO! We will not make other people’s characters for you since this is a form of theft. We will also not copy other fursuit maker styles.


  • What do your suits feature?
    Our suits are all foam based with lycra lining! They also have static jaws and flat, toony eyes. The lining extends onto the neck as well.  Other features our suits can have depend on the style of the character the commissioner is wanting.


  • Will you make me a suit for free/on discount?
    NO! We will not make people suits for free.. most artists don't do this and it is rude to request. Please don't ask us this! As for discounts there is only one way you can get one from us and that is if you commission an artistic liberty fursuit OR you commission a suit from our discount list! You can view the discount list on the bottom of the page.



                                    These are all the FAQs for now! If any more come up then I will edit them in later.